Pinnacle Culinary Arts Institute

An array of programs and classes geared toward specific goals in the culinary industry channel your passions.
Whether you choose to enroll in the Institute or take specialty courses, PCAI will provide you with the tools and skills for success, the support and critique to excell and example of culinary arts leadership.


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Pinnacle Culinary Arts Institute.
Learn to work for major upscale restaurant chains all over the country
Do you want to become a chef in the Raleigh-Durham area?

Pinnacle Culinary Arts Institute prepares you to be successful in the world of food sciences.  
The ever-expanding world of culinary arts demands a combination of passion and knowledge. At PCAI, our professionally-trained instructors help to harbor the passion needed to be a true culinary leader. Our passion for food births a commitment to each student at the Institute, a commitment to success.

Classes are small and intense.
The intimate setting allows for concentrated supervision during lecture and lab portions of class. With the smallest teacher to student ration you are sure to be instructed closely and given undivided attention. Each week a new focus will be placed on classroom and laboratory studies and skill sets. 
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