Pinnacle Culinary Arts Institute


Cost and Schedule:

Offered at 12:00-1:30pm or 4:30pm-6:00pm

MONDAYS: 3rd—5th graders

TUESDAYS: 6th—8th graders

THURSDAYS: 9th—12th graders

$159 per month (4 sessions)

$49 for drop-in sessions

$149 per sibling per month (4 sessions)

$39 per sibling for drop-in

Around the culinary world in 6 months

Our program:

 Junior Chefs experience delicious world cuisine

 Each month we explore a new country or region

 90 minutes of culinary FUN!!

 Safety lesson, skills overview, cooking time! and eating

 Fully interactive age-appropriate meal preparation 

 Fresh ingredients

 Authentic prep and cooking techniques used in class

 T-Shirt and Apron included

Example Culinary Schedule:

  Caribbean—jerk chicken, Johnny Cakes, platanos

 Thai—chicken satay, peanut sauce, Pad Thai

 Moroccan—bastilla, cous cous, tajine

 Italian—hand-made pizza, lasagna, calamari

 NoLa/Creole—biegnets, shrimp po’boys, bananas foster

 Chinese—crab wontons, spring rolls, kung pao chicken

School Track-Out Camp
Jr. Cooking Sessions Filling UP